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  • 3CSv Program Development Workshop: Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations (CYAOP): Conversations on Best Practices

3CSv Program Development Workshop: Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations (CYAOP): Conversations on Best Practices

  • 1 Mar 2021
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom Online Conference Breakout Room


  • Invited guest attending the 2021 3CSv Online Conference
  • Participant attending the 2021 3CSv Online Conference

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3CSv is an experiment in providing a more interactive, virtual forum - different from most virtual conferences where presenters simply talk at the participants.

Cybersecurity Analytics and Operations (CYAOP) 

A journey through shared cyber program development to student-centered education and opportunities

Track 2: Program Development Workshop

A program development workshop focuses on how to develop or enhance a cybersecurity program. Topics focus on preparing for accreditation, designation, or recognition for cybersecurity programs or program participants. What are employers looking for, and how can educational institutions transform their offerings to respond to those evolving needs?

Problem Definition

How are we preparing our graduates to fill the growing pool of unfilled cybersecurity positions? This exploration will delve into new certificate/degree offerings, National Security Agency (NSA) certificate opportunities for cybersecurity program participants. Additional topics will include: course sharing and development, internships, scholarships, extra-curricular programs, and ultimately, how all of this translates to job opportunities for students.

We will emphasize student preparation in a way that builds skillsets identified within the Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Framework). Further, this presentation focuses on curriculum and extracurricular activities through the Workforce Framework and student learning outcomes within the NSA Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) program which provides common standards for students aspiring to various Cybersecurity jobs. We believe this focus should make transferability of courses for students transferring from a 2-year college to a four-year campus like Penn State to complete the last 2 years for a Cybersecurity bachelor's degree.

Since March 2020, employees and companies have seen their status quo turned upside down; businesses moved their operations to employee’s homes, and millions of people were laid off. The need for Cybersecurity professionals has bucked this trend and only continued to grow through these turbulent and uncertain times. There has been estimated that more than 1 million unfilled security jobs worldwide are unfilled. There are an estimated 504,300 open positions in Cybersecurity nationally; between 13,400 and 18,300 openings are located in Pennsylvania. We are committed to help students in our locality and across the country prepare to fill these employment voids.


Our session will appeal to people new to the cybersecurity field, journeyperson professionals, advanced practitioners, and perhaps a general audience.


Dr. Jennifer Breese, Assistant Professor and CYAOP Program Liaison Penn State Greater Allegheny  

Dr. Andy Landmesser, Assistant Teaching Professor and CYAOP Program Liaison, Penn State Brandywine 

Brian Gardner, Lecturer and in Charge for Cybersecurity and Analytics and Operations Statewide Consortium, Penn State Schuylkill 

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