The Cyber Arcade is intended to accurately assess and rank (e.g., chess rating) accomplishment of individual or one-on-one challenges necessary to develop cyber skills. There are four major serious game categories: (a) Encryption and Decryption, (b) Coding Snippets, (c) Incident Response, and (d) Cybersecurity Collectable Card Desks.

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Level Playing Field
Similar educational backgrounds and resource levels allow students to showcase their skills without disadvantage. 

Focused on Development
Emphasis on developing fundamentals and specific skills help prepare for entry-level positions. 

Increased Access & Participation
Reduced intimidation favors diverse talent attraction and discovery of hidden gems or students from under-represented groups, including reskilling adults

Industry Engagement
Fostering a closer sense of community by increasing networking, industry recognition, and students' motivation

Cybersecurity Careers
Increasing career opportunities for 2-year college students by organizing career and talent fairs at the competition site

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