• 5 Jan 2019 5:51 PM | Barbara Huffman de Belon (Administrator)

    The third annual Academic Cybersecurity Seminar (ACS) is designed to bring together students, professors, professionals and leaders for an annual discussion on cybersecurity topics. Middle Georgia State University's Center of Cybersecurity Education and Applied Research invite you to attend Middle Georgia’s premier free cyber security conference. The 2019 theme is cyber forensics, security, and law.

    For more information, visit:

  • 13 Dec 2018 10:58 AM | Barbara Huffman de Belon (Administrator)

    There are several new initiatives targeting the relevance of degrees in the cyber security workplace.  This report from the Aspen Cybersecurity Group is sounding an important alarm to 4- year, degree-granting institutions, and creates new opportunities for 2-year community colleges.  The National CyberWatch Center has long advocated a skills-based approach to hiring, and will continue to have this issue front and center for our members. 

    Dr. Costis Toregas
    Director, Cyber Security and Privacy Research Institute

    The George Washington University
    cell 301-814-5613

  • 3 Dec 2018 11:15 AM | Barbara Huffman de Belon (Administrator)

    Comment:  This new ebook makes a good addition to both faculty's and student's libraries, and lays out the case for why businesses should tackle the job of analyzing corporate risk.  Check out their other ebooks on their website:

     - - - - - - - - - - 

    Are you working to transform cybersecurity into a business enabler? Please enjoy our newest ebook, Cyber as a Business Enabler:  Operationalizing Cyber Risk Analytics. This is a guide for the modern day Cybersecurity leader to put cyber risk into motion and allow cybersecurity operations to enable the business.

    Topics covered in this book include:

    • The end goal of cyber risk analytics
    • Where to gather the right data
    • Key stakeholders involved
    • What it takes to quantify cyber risks financially

    Get your free copy today!

  • 30 Nov 2018 10:16 AM | Barbara Huffman de Belon (Administrator)

    Members of the National CyberWatch Center:  Here’s your opportunity to assist one of your colleagues with one of the critical last steps in his doctoral program.  Please seriously consider taking the survey listed below and not only helping out Professor Whittaker, but also our entire field of study.    //Dr. Belon

    You are invited to participate in a research project, the purpose of which is to investigate the factors that influence undergraduate cybersecurity curriculum adoption based on technology adoption models. This anonymous 20-minute questionnaire is intended for faculty or administrators with curriculum oversight for 2- and 4-year undergraduate cybersecurity courses or curriculum. The study will contribute results for Professor Whittaker’s doctoral dissertation at Dakota State University, under the direction of Dr. Cherie Noteboom. To access the survey, click this link or paste this address into your browser:

    Please contact Professor Todd Whittaker,,  with any questions.

  • 13 Nov 2018 8:27 PM | Barbara Huffman de Belon (Administrator)

    Community College Faculty - - You know who your “shining stars” are in your computer science or cybersecurity programs!  Take this opportunity to let your best students know about applying for a CyberCorps Scholarship for Service at The George Washington University. This scholarship works best for transfer students who are in Computer Science, but other related majors are not out of the question. Professor Shelly Heller ( is happy to chat with you or your students about the opportunity described below.

    GW CyberCorps: Scholarships for Service is now accepting applications for September 2019. If you are interested in pursuing a technical and/or policy degree in the field of cybersecurity, consider applying for a scholarship grant. Government funding provides full scholarships (tuition, books, stipend, and professional development allowance) for students to study cybersecurity at GW for up to three years. After completing their coursework, students will help protect the nation's information infrastructure by working as security experts in a government agency for at least the amount of time they have been supported by this program. Rising juniors, seniors, and graduate students who are U.S. citizens and have a GPA above 3.0 are eligible to apply. The application deadline is January 31, 2019. Visit GW CyberCorps for application and program information.  

  • 13 Nov 2018 2:50 PM | Barbara Huffman de Belon (Administrator)

    For those of you that are looking for professional development opportunities or just ideas for your own programs, the attached document contains a listing of cyber-events over the next several months, with locations across the US and around the world.   Clearly, there is no shortage of events for whatever topic is of interest to you.  Read more here:

  • 11 Sep 2018 3:21 PM | Joshua Stroschein

    OISF/Suricata is pleased to offer 2 student scholarships to attend SuriCon and one Suricata training class offered at the conference. Scholarships are available ONLY to full-time students at two- or four-year technical schools, colleges, or universities.

    To apply, fill out the application:

    Submission deadline is October 1st, 2018 – scholarship recipients will be notified on October 8th, 2018.

  • 4 Sep 2018 4:00 PM | Barbara Huffman de Belon (Administrator)

    National CyberWatch Center Members: 

    If your institution hasn't yet considered becoming involved in GenCyber, maybe this should be the year you take action!

    Proposal Submission Window will be open September 4th, 2018
    and close at 11:59PM EDT on October 12, 2018

  • 20 Aug 2018 12:17 PM | Wayne Pauli

    Greetings National CyberWatch Community!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this information and thanking you in advance for sharing the link to this doctoral dissertation survey which will help Kyle’s data collection efforts.  Our Cyber Security doctoral program is now 4 years old.  Kyle is part of the Deaf community.  He has overcome so much and is a stellar learner. Personally, I am really looking forward to what this research will illustrate.  We really appreciate your help.

    Dr. Wayne E. Pauli

    Dissertation Chair

    North Central Region CRRC Director


    I am conducting a research project entitled “Self-Efficacy in Information Security: A Mixed Methods Study of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing End-Users” as part of a dissertation at Dakota State University. ​

    I am asking hearingDeaf, or hard-of-hearing adults to participate in the study by completing the attached survey. We realize that your time is valuable and have attempted to keep the requested information as brief and concise as possible. It will take you approximately 20 minutes of your time. Your participation in this project is voluntary. You may withdraw from the study at any time without consequence.

    Please click on the following URL to enter the landing page of the survey where you will be presented a form of consent.  Agreeing to the consent form is needed to be able to access the remainder of the survey questions.


    Kyle Murbach​

    Doctoral Learner

    Dakota State University

  • 30 Aug 2017 9:51 PM | Lewis Lightner (Administrator)

    Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) and CyberForce LLC today announced their collaboration to create a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence and Lab for Critical Infrastructure (CCoE). Established in CyberForce LLC’s offices in Reston, VA, the CCoE has a focus on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cybersecurity. It will have modular ICS environments for different Critical Infrastructure Industry sectors including Electric Utilities, Oil & Gas, Chemical and Water.

    “This NOVA initiative with CyberForce to advance capabilities in Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure industries is an example of innovative collaboration between public sector academia and the commonwealth’s vibrant technology industry to advance Virginia’s and national priorities of providing industry-ready students in the priority area of Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Protection”, said Dr. Scott Ralls, President of NOVA

    “This collaboration with NOVA, a leading member of public sector academia in our great state, is an important step for CyberForce to advance the collective interests of the industry, state and nation to expand expertise in Cybersecurity to protect Critical Infrastructure”, said Shekhar Tiwari, Founder and Chairman of CyberForce.

    Dr. Margaret Leary, Chair, Edward H. Bersoff Cybersecurity, Endowed Professor, Director National CyberWatch Center, Northern Virginia Community College, and the co-creator of the COE-lab mentioned that “With Virginia’s Smart Cities initiative, the CoECI serves as a collaborative area to train Cybersecurity interns from NOVA on ICS environments, Cybersecurity solutions and specialized Cybersecurity products, in support of their NSA/DHS designated Center of Academic Excellence for Two-Year Colleges (CAE27) curriculum”.

    “The Cybersecurity Center of Excellence for Critical Infrastructure is a unique collaboration which benefits multiple stakeholders. Our industry partners benefit as interns emerge as industry-ready personnel, knowledgeable in industry standards and pre-trained on their leading Cybersecurity hardware and software”, said Bimal Sareen, Co-Founder and Board Member of CyberForce.

    “The fundamental cultural challenges of differences in Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure, especially in ICS dominated Operational Technology (OT) and their Information Technology (IT) environments, will be a salient feature of the CCoE”, added Bimal Sareen.

    CCoE partners will also be able to invite customers to view demonstrations of their equipment/technologies in simulated environments, and will be able to conduct industry training for their customers.

    Northern Virginia Community College is the largest institution of higher education in the Commonwealth of Virginia and one of America's largest community colleges. Its Cybersecurity AAS degree program is an NSA and DHS-designated Center of Academic Excellence for Two-Year Colleges. For more information about NOVA's Cybersecurity program, visit

    CyberForce LLC is a Cybersecurity company Headquartered in Reston, VA, which provides the full range of Cybersecurity solutions and services for ICS/SCADA and OT/IT for Critical Infrastructure industries. This includes assessments, regulatory compliance, re-mediation solutions and systems integration services. Critical Infrastructure industries include Electric Utilities, Water, Oil & Gas and Chemical. More information is available at

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