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  • 3CSv Program Development Workshop: Centers of Academic Excellence Competency Working Group

3CSv Program Development Workshop: Centers of Academic Excellence Competency Working Group

  • 1 Mar 2021
  • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Zoom Online Conference Breakout Room


  • Invited guest attending the 2021 3CSv Online Conference
  • Participant attending the 2021 3CSv Online Conference

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3CSv is an experiment in providing a more interactive, virtual forum - different from most virtual conferences where presenters simply talk at the participants.

Centers of Academic Excellence

Competency Working Group  

A process for using the concepts of competency to enhance current courses and curriculum or to develop an entirely new curriculum

Track 2: Program Development Workshop

A program development workshop focuses on how to develop or enhance a cybersecurity program. Topics focus on preparing for accreditation, designation, or recognition for cybersecurity programs or program participants. What are employers looking for, and how can educational institutions transform their offerings to respond to those evolving needs?

Problem Definition

Successful cybersecurity educational programs must not just do a good job teaching the foundational knowledge skills and abilities. They need to ensure that graduating students are reasonably competent for the work roles they intend to apply for. This workshop will cover competency as it is used by NICE and the CAE community and how they relate and compliment each other.

Topics will include:

  • Working definitions of competency as it relates to cybersecurity education
  • Using workforce frameworks such as NICE SP800-181 to identify tasks to inject in the curriculum
  • How to turn workforce tasks into useful learning objectives/outcomes
  • Share currently available tools and resources that are free and can be used to add competency based educational experiences to courses and/or curriculum.

Expected outcomes of the workshop

Participants will be able to:

  • State the definition of competency as it relates to cybersecurity education
  • List resources that can be used for the development of competency based educational experiences
  • Given a task statement, create a measurable learning objective/outcome that can be used in their current classes


Vincent Nestler, Ph. D.

Vincent is an associate professor at California State University and is the principal investigator for the NICE Challenge Project (www.nice-challenge.com). He holds a Ph. D. in Instructional Design from Idaho State University, a masters in Network Security from Capitol Technical University and is the author of the Principles of Computer Security, Lab Manual published by McGraw Hill.

Zoe Fowler, Ph. D.

After being awarded her PhD in Educational Research and Policy from the University of London, Zoe Fowler led several national research projects focused on college learning and research capacity building. She is particularly interested in how students can mobilize knowledge and skills within different domains, especially in relation to the workplace. Her research has been published in both the UK and the US.

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